LANGUAGES OF FOOD: The framing of culinary appropriation


In the modern global market, languages are traded alongside with goods. Words and linguistic symbols are used to mediate economic exchanges. The way products are framed, described by their quality or authenticity, has important effects over their value. Meanwhile, purchasing and consuming are languages by themselves, symbols of class and status that transmit meanings to others. Although there is no straightforward explanation about how consumption expresses meanings, there is a general sociological consensus that purchasing is not only an individual activity to ease personal needs and please innate tastes, but rather a language through which we interact with other people, fulfill social aspirations and place ourselves among our peers. Mainly borrowing from the contributions made by the French intellectual Pierre Bourdieu sociologists have produced a vast range of academic research about consumers as subjects devoted to a communicative process. … More LANGUAGES OF FOOD: The framing of culinary appropriation